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Ellisys first to launch powerful Media Transfer Protocol Class decoder for developers of portable media devices

The Media Transfer Protocol class decoder enables manufacturers of portable media devices to accelerate development of devices compatible with Microsoft's PlaysForSure™ initiative.

Geneva, Switzerland — May 22, 2006 — Ellisys, a leading supplier of USB and Wireless USB test solutions, today announced the launch of its Media Transfer Protocol class decoder. With this timely introduction of a unique decoder to the test and measurement market, Ellisys proves once again its devotion to the USB community.

Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is an extension of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), currently widely used by Digital Still Cameras. MTP meets the broader requirements for transferring a variety of file types to portable objects with storage, especially media types used in portable media devices. The new protocol is part of the Microsoft's PlaysForSure™ initiative, a promise made to digital media customers that their media will play with all compatible devices. This represents a challenge for developers who need powerful tools to ensure their customers' expectations are met.

The MTP class decoder understands requests sent to a device and the answers received. It displays them in Visual USB, Ellisys' powerful protocol analyzer software. Developers have an immediate overview of all requests exchanged and quickly understand the MTP protocol to ensure seamless interoperability between devices. The MTP class decoder also decodes numerical values into their text, human-readable description and check fields against the specification to ensure compliance.

The MTP class decoder eases the development of portable media devices and integrates in the USB Explorer 200 Professional Edition, the leading USB protocol analyzer from Ellisys. The decoder is also available as an option for the USB Explorer 200 Standard Edition. The latest revision of Visual USB includes the MTP class decoder and can be downloaded from the Ellisys' website, www.ellisys.com.

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Ellisys is a Test & Measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for USB devices, Wireless USB and Ultrawideband. Developers have been using Ellisys' USB products and solutions for more than five years with great success. With the consumer electronics market moving toward wireless technology Ellisys proves once again its commitment to the developers' community. By providing WiMedia and Wireless USB early adopters with the right tools at the right time Ellisys enables these promising markets to grow in a secure and confident manner, and ensures a rapid and wide acceptance of these technologies. For more information, please visit www.ellisys.com.

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