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Ellisys Selected as Official Tools Provider for WiMedia Platform Certification

Geneva, Switzerland — September 21, 2009 —Ellisys, a worldwide leader in protocol test and analysis solutions, today announced that it has been selected as the sole official provider of protocol-level certification test tools for WiMedia-based ultra-wideband platforms.  The decision to select Ellisys was made by the WiMedia Certification Review Board (CRB) based on the demonstrated utility to facilitate WiMedia platform certification tests.  The Ellisys WEX300 UWB Explorer™ protocol test and analysis systems will be used to certify WiMedia radio platforms at the next Compliance & Interoperability event, slated for October.  WiMedia technology is an ISO-published radio standard offering high-rate, low-energy wireless communications for personal computers and consumer electronics.  Ellisys will include its WEX300 system as part of its product display in the USB Community at the upcoming Intel Developers Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, CA, September 22-24.

“The Ellisys WEX300 UWB analyzer, generator, and compliance test suites will fill the need for standardized platform certification tools during the WiMedia transition to the Bluetooth and USB trade groups, and will ensure that a proven solution is available as these groups assume control of UWB compliance and certification processes,” stated Laurent Guinnard, Ellisys co-founder and president of technology.  “These tools have been continually updated as the specifications and regulatory requirements have evolved, and have been field-proven in labs worldwide.  We’re pleased that the CRB has recognized the expertise of our development team and the capabilities of our UWB products.”

“The Ellisys tool set has earned this recognition after demonstrating its utility, as well high confidence in the test results generated.  Tools like this help us mature the certification process and continue improvements in testing in a way that has not been possible up to now.  This should advance the UWB community in general as well as the overall deployment of the technology.” says CRB member Magnus Sommansson, CSR.

Test Suites Include Tester and Checker Tools
The Ellisys test suites include active “tester” and post-capture “checker” tools, which replace legacy test equipment that lacked support for band groups 3 and 6, essential to new development.  The new test suites are automated in order to speed the testing processes, and include open-source test scripting for easy verification or update.  WEX300 analyzer and generator tools already in the field can easily be upgraded to add these latest features.

Ellisys Involvement in UWB Development
Ellisys is the worldwide leader in protocol test and analysis for WiMedia ultra-wideband technology.  Ellisys is a long-time member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), and is a Contributor in the Wireless USB Promoter Group’s efforts to define and deliver the latest Wireless USB specification.  Ellisys is also an associate member of the Bluetooth-SIG.  Ellisys’ UWB PAL protocol sniffer, analyzer and exerciser, as well as Ellisys' HCI protocol sniffer and analyzer, are designated as Recognized Test Systems by the Bluetooth-SIG.

Ellisys WEX300 Wireless USB protocol analyzer and generator systems are in stock and ready for delivery. Updated WEX300 applications supporting updated tester and checker suites are available on request and are provided at no charge.  Ellisys WEX300 systems are designed to be updated automatically in the field to accommodate changes in the protocol environment.  For pricing on WEX300 protocol analyzer and generator products, please contact Ellisys at info@ellisys.com.

About Ellisys
Ellisys is a Test and Measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for USB, SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0), Wireless USB, Ultra-Wideband, and Bluetooth® wireless technology. Developers have been using Ellisys’ products and solutions for more than nine years with great success. By providing technology developers with the right innovative tools at the right time, Ellisys enables these promising markets to grow in a secure and confident manner, helping to ensure rapid and wide acceptance of these technologies.

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